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​​Refrigeration Technology Inc.  "Where Technology is our middle name!"

Thank you for your interest in the Gen II Super Control by Refrigeration Technology Inc. Our brand new control is the most versatile multifunction control on the market, with advanced features and functions you will find nowhere else. The Gen II is capable of operating in ANY environment, which makes the Gen II the only control you will ever need. Here at RTI we designed the Gen II with a stylish fusion of stable operating logic, and advanced technologies housed in a NEMA 4 water proof enclosure.







Night Air




Pump Over Control

Real Time Clock

Color LCD

Touch Interface

On-board Graph

Memory Upgrades

Wireless Communication

USB Port: Data Transfer

NEMA 4 Enclosure

Custom Graphic Overlay

Energy Managment

What is the "Gen II" Super Control?


The "Gen II" Super Control is the second generation controller offered by RTI.

If you're familiar with Refrigeration Technology then you know of, or own our first Temperature / Humidity control: The "Super Stat".

The Gen II is the most exciting and advanced multifunction control on the market. Our new control has "Super Stat" DNA, which means even though it is technologically advanced, it is just as quick and easy to operate as our "Super Stat". 

​With 10 times the features and upgrades over competitor controls, ​the Gen II offers the user a quick and easy program interface, without complex menus to get lost in.

Once configured, there is no need to enter multiple menus to change or operate key functions like: Set point, operating modes, on-board graphs & real time clock control. Standard configurations allow adjustments with a simple touch, to change or view on-board data.

The Gen II offers features that you won't find in other controls, such as: color LCD, touch interface, real time clock, waterproof USB port (for downloading and uploading data), and wireless antenna for TRUE wireless communication​.

Sensor inputs like: temperature, humidity, Co2, PSI, brix, & level. This control even offers energy management abilities. You can control up to (5) different inputs at the same time, to make your facility more efficient, saving you time and money.


If you are interested in knowing more about Refrigeration Technology Inc. 

please visit our company website by clicking the button below.

There you will find information on our design build contract service, as well as other products and PM programs.

RTI specializes in winery refrigeration  equipment and service.


-Glen Marks


Not a single design feature or function has been overlooked

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